Dear Mrs. Pucinskiene, dear Colleagues from Cinema Garsas, dear citizens of Panevezys,


Please accept our heartfelt greetings for Kino Garsas’ 90th birthday! We are extremely proud to count kino Garsas among our most esteemed members. The cinema entered the Europa Cinemas network in 2009. Since then, in eight years (until the end of 2017, since this is the last information we have) according to our figures, kino Garsas has shown 2306 films, has held 19580 screenings and has welcomed a total audience of 273 370, which is nearly three times the entire city’s population!

We were aware that the early years of membership were rather difficult. Until 2013, kino Garsas registered each year between 19 000 and 22 000 admissions. Then, in 2014, things started changing dramatically: the admissions went up to 30 598 that year. But the year after, 2015, they were 37 000. Then again, in 2016, they were already 43 000. Finally, in 2017 there were 53 530 spectators in one year! This is a huge success, which underlines the  cinema’s crew’s, as well as the city’s authorities’, commitment and dedication to bringing the audience the best experience of cinema not only as entertainment, but also as a place of social life, of living together. This success shows that kino Garsas has gained a long term value among those who it is working for: the people of Panevezys.

We are extremely pleased with the success and longevity of kino Garsas!

Once again, our deep congratulations!

Long live Panevezys, long live Kino Garsas!



Claude-Eric Poiroux, General Director of Europa Cinemas